National Education Association

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National Education Association

National Education Association (NEA), organization of professional educators in the United States, with almost 2.5 million members. The NEA was founded (1850) as the National Teachers Association, changed its name in 1857, and was chartered by Congress in 1906. Its 13 standing committees and 7 divisions share an operating budget of approximately $150 million; each represents a separate area of specialized interest. Its general aim is to promote the welfare of all professional educators, including teachers, administrators, counselors, and others concerned about education. In 1998 the leadership of NEA and the American Federation of Teachers supported a merger of the two groups, but delegates to the NEA's annual meeting rejected the proposal.


See E. B. Wesley, NEA: The First Hundred Years (1957) and M. Murphy, Blackboard Unions: The AFT and the NEA, 1900–1980 (1990).

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The National Education Association is constantly looking at ways to provide its members with a variety of benefits and signing a partnership agreement with Virtual Education Software, inc.
Theirs was a protean world populated by individuals diverse in "capacities, aptitudes, social heredity, and destinies in life" (National Education Association of the United States Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education 1918, 8).
"Clearly, parents are concerned about the increase in serious health conditions being caused by staph infections that have been impacting schools around the nation," said Jerald Newberry, executive director, National Education Association Health Information Network.
The contracts cover a site search solution based on the enterprise search platform FAST ESP for media group Hearst Corporation and the web-based reporting solution FAST Corporate Radar for US professional employee organisation The National Education Association.
I have a confidential memo from the National Education Association describing how concerned it was in the early days of school-based management.
Despite the National Education Association's claims to be an advocate "for children and public education," we should not expect unions at the bargaining table to be for anything but their own interests.
Other organizations in league with the ACLU in these efforts are People for the American Way and the National Education Association.
The African American Booklist on the National Education Association ([NEA]; Web site is a comprehensive reading list of 100 titles that the site says celebrate African American heritage, tradition, and achievement.
The project has numerous corporate, educational and political supporters and partners: The History Channel, Walt Disney Company, Country Music Association and the National Education Association, just to name a few.
The National Education Association Foundation offers Arts@Work, which enable arts specialists and their partners to develop career-relevant curricula that integrate arts education standards with technology standards.
He chronicles epic struggles during the 19th and 20th centuries waged over textbook content by such organizations as the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Education Association, as well as veterans' groups and racial and ethnic associations, all of whom had differing interpretations of events and individuals in textbooks.

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