National Front of the German Democratic Republic

National Front of the German Democratic Republic


an organization founded in 1949–50. It includes political parties, democratic mass organizations, and citizens of the German Democratic Republic not affiliated with any party. Its basic purpose is to enlist all citizens of the republic in constructing a developed socialist society. The National Front mobilizes the population to carry out decisions of the organs of people’s rule. During elections to the People’s Chamber and to local people’s representative bodies it organizes preelection meetings throughout the country and presents the voters with lists of candidates nominated by parties and mass organizations. The National Front operates under the guidance of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany.

The highest body is the Congress, which elects the directing body of the National Front, the National Council. There are also about 17,000 local committees of the National Front, numbering 335,000 members (1973). Professor E. Correns is the chairman of the National Front.


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