National Hard Crab Derby

Hard Crab Derby, National

September, Labor Day weekend
The first Hard Crab Derby was held in 1947. A local newspaper editor dumped a few hard-shell crabs into a circle on Main Street in Crisfield, Maryland. The crab that scurried to an outer circle first was declared the winner, and its owner was awarded a trophy. There doesn't seem to have been any motivation for the race other than the wish to compete with the other derbies that had already been established for horses, automobiles, etc.
Today the National Hard Crab Derby attracts hundred of entries. The Governor's Cup Race, in which entries representing the 50 states compete, takes place on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. There is also a boat-docking contest, a crab-picking contest, and a crab-cooking contest. Parades, beauty contests, concerts, a carnival, and arts and crafts exhibits complete the three-day festival.
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