National Liberation Front, Party of the

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National Liberation Front, Party of the


(Party of the FLN; Hizb al-Jabha al-Tahrir al-Watani), a revolutionary-democratic party in Algeria. It was created in 1964 to succeed the National Liberation Front (FLN), under whose leadership Algeria had won its independence.

The congress of the party held on Apr. 16–21, 1964, in Algiers, adopted party rules and a program—the Algiers Charter— stating that Algeria was choosing a socialist path of development. The charter envisaged the nationalization of the means of production, the organization of the peasantry into cooperatives, and the nationalization of foreign trade, the banking system, and the country’s mineral and energy resources. It also touched on the struggle against imperialism and colonialism and lent support to the national liberation movement. The congress established that the party must consist primarily of peasants and workers. Since June 19, 1965, the Party of the FLN has been headed by the Revolutionary Council of the Algerian People’s Democratic Republic, with H. Boumedienne as president.

All the social organizations of the country work under the leadership of the FLN party. The party press organs are the weeklies Révolution Africaine and Al-Moudjahid.

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