National Manly Man Festival and Spam Cook-Off

Manly Man Festival and Spam Cook-Off, National

Father's Day weekend (June)
In 1991 in Roslyn, Wash., a group of male camping buddies got together to create the National Manly Man Festival and Spam Cook-Off. This spoof event displays the alleged manliness of those who attend. Now organized by the Order of the Manly Men, which claims 1,000 members nationwide, the event includes such manly activities as eating bugs, bucking bellies together in greeting, and preparing and eating a variety of Spam-related foods. Spam chowder and Spam quiche are two of the favorites. Those who enter the Spam cook-off can win trophies donated by the Hormel Corp., maker of the canned meat product.
In addition to the Spam-related activities, there is also a parade of manly vehicles down Roslyn's main street (women can participate providing their vehicle is "manly" enough), a tool-belt competition, a softball game, and the selection of the Spam queen, who qualifies based on submitting a 100-word essay. Those men who attend the National Manly Man Festival receive an official membership card, a beer mug, and a certificate proving their manliness. Honorary Order of the Manly Men memberships have been granted to actors Kurt Russell and Bruce Willis, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former football coach Mike Ditka.
Order of the Manly Men
8207 Steilacoom Blvd. S.W.
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