National Maritime Day

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Maritime Day, National

May 22
The day chosen to commemorate the contribution of American commercial shipping is, appropriately, the day on which the Savannah left its home port in Georgia in 1819 to attempt the first steam-propelled crossing of the Atlantic. So unusual was it to see a steam-powered vessel in those days that when the Savannah passed the naval station at Cape Clear, Ireland, the authorities thought she was on fire and quickly dispatched a royal cutter to assist her. In reality, the Savannah was equipped with sails and only relied on her engines for about 90 hours of the journey.
It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt who first proclaimed May 22 as National Maritime Day in 1933. Since that time observations of this day have grown in popularity, particularly in American port cities. Ships are opened to the public, maritime art and essay contests are held, and parades and band concerts are common. Environmentalists sometimes take advantage of the attention focused on the country's maritime heritage on this day to draw attention to pollution and deterioration of maritime environments, particularly in large commercial ports like New York City.
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AMOSUP, the largest union of seafarers in the country and in the world, will lead the kick off rites for this year's week-long celebration that highlights the "National Maritime Day" on Thursday, Sept.
IANS New Delhi Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday extended his greetings on National Maritime Day and said the government's efforts for a vibrant maritime sector were inspired by Dalit icon BR Ambedkar.
Sidhu explained that tricity is home to an estimated 3,500 seafaring officers and engineers who remit nearly Rs.35 crore in foreign exchange to this region every month.CMMI local chapter started operation last month with the celebration of the National Maritime Day, and paying tribute to the seafarers who lost their lives in action, informed chapter Secretary Capt.
National Maritime Day is the day for Americans to recognize the U.S.
7679, 68 FR 27889 22 National Maritime Day 36 USC 128 May 22 each year Proc.
Trimmer, 75, from Baltimore, was one of five Merchant Marine veterans honored May 22 in a National Maritime Day Ceremony at the U.S.
The regatta is one of several events this month inspired by National Maritime Day (May 22) to celebrate our rich maritime history.
316 issued by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte on September 14, 2017 synchronized the commemoration of the National Fish Conservation Week with the National Maritime Day and the International Coastal Cleanup Day to raise awareness on maritime and archipelagic issues and concerns.
India, March 29 -- Chandigarh Chapter of the Company of Mater Mariners of India (CMM) celebrated the 48th National Maritime Day at Panjab Raj Bhavan.
The Maritime Administration, Military Sealift Command, and the Smithsonian Institution teamed up to honor some of America's finest sailors on National Maritime Day during a ceremony at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, National Maritime Day recognizes the maritime industry every year on the 22nd of May, which is the date, in 1933, of the first transoceanic voyage under steam power.

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