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National Museum of Anthropology,

Mexico City. The present building, designed by Pedro Ramírez Vázquez and inspired by ancient Mexican architecture, was opened in 1964 and houses choice and extensive archaeological remains of pre-Columbian Mexico. The exhibitions include studies of prehistoric animal life in Mexico and superb ethnological displays of the peoples of Mexico. Artifacts from Mayan and Aztec civilizations include a magnificent funerary mask of inlaid turquoise, serpentine, and shell mosaic (3d–8th cent. A.D.) discovered at Teotihuacán, and the vast Aztec round calendar in relief.
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The NM said that its three buildings in Ermita, Manila-- the National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Natural History, and the National Museum of Anthropology has "withstood" the impact of the quake.
You may also go see the National Museum of Anthropology or Natural History.
!-- -- The National Museum of the Philippines is actually composed of several museums ndash the National Museum of Fine Arts, National Museum of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History and the National Planetarium.
History (National Museum of Anthropology) and science museums (Mind Museum).
On his Twitter and Facebook accounts, Jagger shared a photograph of himself at Mexico City's National Museum of Anthropology and History, with a bilingual message of "Looking forward to seeing you all at the show tomorrow" to express his enthusiasm for the concert.
[USPRwire, Fri Oct 25 2013] In 2012 the National Museum of Anthropology received close to 3.6 million visitors which represented a 105% increase when compared with the previous year.
When he visits spiritual sanctuaries or establishments like Mexico's National Museum of Anthropology, he provides a guided tour for the curious reader, yet offers insightful endnotes to prompt further reading.
Clients can also visit the National Museum of Anthropology with its collection of pre-Columbian objects, and the Templo Mayor, the main temple of the Aztecs.
The 2010 prizes were awarded on October 14 in a ceremony at the National Museum of Anthropology and History in Mexico City.
Bill Gates and Carlos Slim Helu, along with Spain's Princess Cristina, Spanish Health Minister Trinidad Jimenez, Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Luis Alberto Moreno, president of the IDB, gathered at the National Museum of Anthropology on June 14 to celebrate the launch of Salud Mesoamerica 2015, a key public-private partnership that will work with local governments to provide access to health services to the poorest 20 percent of the population.
"Tlaltecuhtli is also represented as part of other Aztec deities; for instance, she appears on the inferior side of Coatlicue monumental sculpture exhibited at the National Museum of Anthropology, as well as on the bottom of the Chac Mool found in 1947 in Guatemala Street, Mexico City," he pointed out.

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