National Old-Time Country Music Contest and Festival

Old-Time Country Music Contest and Festival, National

September, week before Labor Day
Created by Bob Everhart as part of America's bicentennial celebration in 1976, the National Old-Time Country Music Contest and Festival in Avoca, Iowa, is now the largest gathering of public domain music-makers and listeners in the United States.
Sponsored by the National Traditional Country Music Association, the festival's purpose is to preserve the music that, in Everhart's words, has been "prostituted, violated, diluted, and in many instances altered so dramatically that it is no longer recognizable as a traditional American art form." There are more than 30 competitions in such varied musical genres as ragtime, polka, Cajun, mountain, folk, cowboy, Western, swing, yodeling, and gospel. The festival also includes songwriting contests and the National Bluegrass Band Championships. Non-musical events include storytelling and cowboy poetry contests and arts and crafts displays.
National Traditional Country Music Association
P.O. Box 492
Anita, IA 50020
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