National Poetry Month

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Poetry Month, National

Established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month centers attention on the contributions and accomplishments of American poets. Activities during the month-long event, which is celebrated primarily by educational institutions, libraries, bookstores, and nonprofit organizations throughout the United States and Canada, include poetry readings, poetry festivals, displays and exhibits, workshops, and other events designed to help Americans of all ages learn more about poetry and its place in our contemporary culture.
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Acknowledge these important literary figures in our library collections and introduce them to our young library users during National Poetry Month, and throughout the year.
So, while the bulk of this issue was worked on during the month of April, which is designated as National Poetry Month, the material you will find herein will not only stimulate your poetic muse but will also challenge your cognitions on language, thought, and action.
It's National Poetry Month as I write this, and Copper Canyon's spring catalog includes an abundance of verse collections due out this month and into early summer.
Obama celebrated National Poetry Month at the White House on Friday by inviting student poets to a workshop and reading by American poet Elizabeth Alexander.
April is National Poetry Month. Whether you are reading, writing or performing it, poetry is a great way to enjoy language and literature.
To help celebrate national poetry month, David Radavich (president of the Charlotte Writers Club and former TWS president) gave a poetry reading on 19 April 2012 at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte.
Listening to NPR last week (don't read any bias into that; when we say everything should be on the table, we mean everything), we learned that April is national poetry month. Something was said about haikus.
April's also National Poetry Month. This is one I happily give in to--and not just in April; I carry a Poetic License issued by the Academy of American Poets.
April is National Poetry Month and Tyson and Moore are among those whose poetry will be featured when the issue hits newsstands March 15.
April is National Poetry Month and Greensboro, N.C., offered a full schedule of programs to celebrate the art.
It's national poetry month; a framed poem about "home" would make a unique closing gift.
Mom's favorite genre was poetry, and I wonder what she would have thought of the works featured in this, our annual issue observing National Poetry Month in April.
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