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Visitors can choose a wide variety of recreational activities using more than 57,000 miles of streams, 122 alpine ski areas, 338,000 heritage sites, 9,100 miles of National Scenic Byways, 22 National Recreation Areas, 11 National Scenic Areas, seven National Monuments, one national preserve and one national heritage area.
The Oregon Wildlands Act would create one new wilderness area in the Coast Range, expand another in southern Oregon, and create two new national recreation areas. Our forests define the rugged character of the state, and some of the last remaining stands of these ancient trees can be found in southwest Oregon.
This conservation measure, long in the making, would preserve more than 100,000 acres of southwest Oregon as wilderness, more than 250 miles of rivers as wild and scenic, and almost 120,000 acres as a national recreation area. The legislation has the backing of sportsmen, conservationists and business owners, because they know it will help keep our water and air clean and boost local economies.
Another 5.1 million people visited Utah's seven national monuments, two national recreation areas and one national historic site.
Helens), 1.9 million acres in 13 congressionally designated National Recreation Areas, and 3,331 miles of Wild and Scenic Rivers.
Covers coast-to-coast Forest Service sites, national parks and monuments, and other national recreation areas.
The cabins are available year-round and are located in a scenic wooded area near two National Recreation Areas. World-class whitewater rafting is only minutes away at Adventures Mountain River.
Utah has five national parks, seven national monuments, two national recreation areas, a national historic site, 45 state parks and 14 ski resorts.
The rule is likely to establish two procedures for allowing PWCs in the parks: the superintendent's own discretion will determine use at about ten national recreation areas. A more formal regulation process will govern PWC use at about 11 national seashores and lakeshores.
The proposed park unit, dubbed the Lone Star Coastal National Recreation Area, would extend along the coastal marshes and estuaries within the four counties of Brazoria, Chambers, Galveston, and Matagorda, along the Gulf Coast.
The officials had been making the case that conflicts between motorized travelers and rafters in the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area should not be an issue.

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