National Rifle Association of America

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National Rifle Association of America

National Rifle Association of America (NRA), group founded (1871) to promote shooting, hunting, firearm safety, and wildlife conservation. The NRA has more than 3 million members. The association sponsors shooting competitions and maintains a collection of antique and modern firearms. It also lobbies vigorously against gun control legislation and gun registration, basing its position on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution; this position is disputed by many legal scholars.


See E. F. Leddy, Magnum Force Lobby (1987); L. Nisbet, ed., The Gun Control Debate (1990).

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And the decision to surrender the rifle and pistol World Cup in March 2010 was taken by the National Rifle Association of India for its own reasons.
Program organizers said they had invited the president of the National Rifle Association to speak at a future luncheon.
But gun-rights groups, such as the National Rifle Association (NRA), hold tightly to their interpretation of the Second Amendment.
Even the National Rifle Association tried to smoke out the truth from Johnson on their Sirius Satellite Radio program.
National Rifle Association (NRA) Director of Disabled Shooting Dave Baskin attended.
They survive thanks to politicians and media that kowtow to the gun industry, the National Rifle Association (NRA) and others who work feverishly to obscure the truth about wildlife "management."
Organizations ranging from the National Rifle Association to a host of mercenary training camps celebrated in Soldier of Fortune magazine offer similar weapons training.
Compare these profiles to James Florio, former Governor of New Jersey, who is praised for standing up to the National Rifle Association on laws banning automatic weapons even though all the police institutions in the state and most of New Jersey voters supported the ban.
NEA, AGS, and the National Rifle Association advocate for safe storage.
Dean had the strong support of the National Rifle Association when he was governor, and he insists that gun control should be a state, not federal, issue.
The star of epics like Ben Hur had a silent role in his farewell performance as the president of America's powerful pro-gun group, the National Rifle Association.
The Marine Medal of Honor recipient went on to become governor of South Dakota (1955-59), first commissioner of the American Football League (1958-66), host of The American Sportsman (1964-67) and president of the National Rifle Association (1988-90).

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