National Rivers

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The agency was created in 1996, taking over the role of flood defences from the National Rivers Agency.
Instead, the emphasis shifted, in an astonishing reversal of policy, to a primary obligation to achieve "good ecological status" for our national rivers. This is defined as being as close as possible to "undisturbed natural conditions".
The National Rivers Authority raises no objection but has recommended that the council consults its own ecologist over complying with legislation.
MR Bob Wood, project engineer for the National Rivers Authority (NRA), takes a photograph of Newsome High School pupils who spent a day planting trees at Fenay Beck, Fenay Bridge.
They include Dr Mike Brooker, a former chief executive of Welsh Water; Rev Hywel Davies; Dr Ruth Hall, formerly Chief Medical Officer for Wales; Dr Madeleine Havard, board member for Wales for the Environment Agency; Harry Legge-Bourke, chairman of the United Usk Fishermans Association; Andy Middleton, founder director of the TYF Group; Morgan Parry, chairman of the Countryside Council for Wales; Nigel Reader, formerly director of finance with the Environment Agency and the National Rivers Authority; Prof Lynda Warren, emeritus professor of environmental law at Aberystwyth University; and Sir Paul Williams, former chief executive of NHS Wales.
At one of the last Fisheries Advisory Committee meetings of the National Rivers Authority which had to deal with the problems that Kielder Dam caused to the indigenous fish and fly life by raiding the public purse, it was agreed that no scheme should ever be allowed again without the body concerned first giving an assurance that, in case anything does go wrong, it has the finances for it to be put right at their expense, and not the public purse.
I WONDER if many other former employees of the Environment Agency wish that the National Rivers Authority had been allowed to continue as an effective quango.
Simon won all four sections and is the National Rivers Champion for 2008.
The consultants pointed out that the National Rivers Authority, which was succeeded by the Environment Agency, feared that the Prestatyn Gutter could not cope with further run-off of water.
The Kelso competitor already has 14 international fly fishing caps under his belt and has won through to the Scottish National Rivers Championship Finals on the River Tweed on July 30.

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