National Security Council

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National Security Council

(NSC), federal executive council responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the defense policies of the United States and also exercising direction over the Central Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence Agency
(CIA), independent executive bureau of the U.S. government established by the National Security Act of 1947, replacing the wartime Office of Strategic Services (1942–45), the first U.S. espionage and covert operations agency.
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 (CIA). Created in 1947 by the National Security Act (amended in 1949), the council's formal members are the president, the vice president, the secretary of state, and the secretary of defense. The director of national intelligence (formerly, the director of the CIA), the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the president's national security adviser (the assistant to the president for national security affairs, who is also the director of the NSC), and the deputy adviser usually attend as invited guests. Although President Eisenhower used the NSC as the centerpiece of his security policy apparatus, other presidents have relied more heavily on ad hoc organizations and special assistants. Prominent NSC directors have included Henry KissingerKissinger, Henry Alfred
, 1923–, American political scientist and U.S. secretary of state (1973–77), b. Germany. He emigrated to the United States in 1938. A leading expert on international relations and nuclear defense policy, Kissinger taught (1957–69) at
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 and Zbigniew BrzezinskiBrzezinski, Zbigniew Kazimierz
, 1928–2017, American political scientist and public official, b. Warsaw, Poland, grad. Harvard (Ph.D, 1953). The son of a diplomat, he was raised in Canada and became (1958) a U.S. citizen.
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. The council also has a civilian staff that is headed by an executive secretary appointed by the president.


See study by D. J. Rothkopf (2005).

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What: Simulated sessions of the National Security Council debating whether to go to war against Iraq.
A representative from the counterterrorism office of the National Security Council asks if it is necessary or desirable to attempt a complete quarantine of Northeast, including closure of the city airport and a ban on rail traffic leaving from or stopping in the city.
The United States National Security Council, "Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria," the Eisenhower Library, NSC 5911/1 (4 November 1959), 1.
The National Security Council has informed the president on contributions from the coalition as the US works to integrate each country's, "unique capabilities into the broader strategy to combat ISIL in Iraq and Syria.
The National Security Council directed borders and tribal affairs and interior ministries to gather information about the exact location of the barbed wire and its distance from the zero line and present the report in the next meeting.
Ministers of Interior, National Defence, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Finance and Religious Affairs, in addition to Secretary of State in charge of Security file and security and military officials took part in the National Security Council meeting.
Haines has participated in virtually every senior-level meeting at the president's National Security Council over the past two years and chairs the White House legal team that reviews the CIA's most sensitive programmes, the report added.
The Administration of the President of Georgia told Trend, the National Security Council will meet in connection with the attack on the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan, video threats against Georgian troops and the population and associated security issues.
Misha'al bin Abdullah bin Musaed, Advisor to the Crown Prince; Prince Salman bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Assistant Secretary General of National Security Council for Intelligence Affairs; and a number of senior officials.
Bulgaria's Consultative National Security Council will discuss vital matters in the sphere of home affairs on Tuesday.
The questions pertained to such important aspects as security arrangements for the slain PPPP chairperson, the possible dangers lurking around her, and the reports of National Security Council.
President Obama has nominated Daniel Poneman, a senior official with the National Security Council during the Clinton administration, as deputy secretary of energy.

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