National Spiritual Alliance of the United States of America

National Spiritual Alliance of the United States of America

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The National Spiritual Alliance was formed after members of the New England Spiritual campmeeting Association were unable to resolve philosophical differences on reincarnation and decided to split into two groups, following separate paths. The group that formed the National Spiritual Alliance firmly believed in reincarnation as a learning vehicle that assisted the soul’s progression toward perfection, and that “intercommunication between the denizens of different worlds is scientifically established.” The Alliance was incorporated on September 12, 1913, in Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts. Its Constitution was adopted that year and was revised at the organization’s annual meeting in July 2000.

Lake Pleasant was also the home of rival Spiritualist organizations, each with its own followers and temple. In 1955, the temple of the New England Spiritual Campmeeting Association burned down and was not rebuilt. Its followers continued to meet until 1976. At that time they donated their remaining property to the town of Montague and disbanded. This left The National Spiritual Alliance as the only organization in that location. It continues to be active, with several thousand visitors per year. Sunday services, psychic fairs, development classes, and other programs are organized annually. Its official emblem is the pond lily, adopted because “Though it strikes its roots into mud, sends its shoots up through putrid waters and spreads its leaves over the green scum of the pond, yet it evolves purity, beauty, and fragrance, and but dies to live again.”


The National Spiritual Alliance:
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