National Warri Festival

Warri Festival, National

Warri, the national board game of Antigua and Barbuda, stirs up enough devotion to warrant an annual competition. Antiguans inherited this board game from their West African slave ancestors, who played it on Caribbean sugar plantations in the 19th century. Despite attempts by slave owners to phase the game out, the tradition survived into the present age and eventually penetrated the arena of international competition.
The game consists of a thick wooden board with 12 pockets containing pieces or counters called nickars. These pieces typically are identical shells that can be found on Antigua's beaches.
The game can be played with two or more players. Using arithmetic skill, a Warri player beats his or her opposition by capturing 25 counters.
Competition at the National Warri Festival is organized into several classes, including the Masters, Seniors, Juniors, and the Novice Division. There are also open competitions for women and schools. Antiguans, who take pride in their national game, are perennial favorites to win the competition.
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