National Wildlife Federation

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National Wildlife Federation (NWF)

Address:11100 Wildlife Center Dr
Reston, VA 20190

Established: 1936. Description:Seeks to educate, inspire, and assist individuals and organizations of diverse cultures to conserve wildlife and other natural resources and to protect the earth's environment to achieve a peaceful, equitable, and sustainable future. Members: 4 million. Dues: $30/year.
Publications: National Wildlife (bimonthly); free to members. Also publishes three children's magazines: Your Big Back Yard (monthly); $20/year. Ranger Rick (monthly); $20/year. Wild Animal Baby (10x a year); $20/year.

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We are so honored to be recognized with this well-regarded award from the National Wildlife Federation," said MWCC President Daniel M.
A portion of the cost supports the National Wildlife Federation.
The National Wildlife Federation is the nation's largest member-supported conservation advocacy and education group.
The National Wildlife Federation is a conservation group that works to protect nature and wildlife.
The Greater Yellowstone Coalition--which includes the local chapters of the National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, and Defenders of Wildlife, among others--was a strong supporter of the Park Service's "let it burn" policy.
They point to environmental report cards issued by groups like National Wildlife Federation and Worldwatch Institute.
One of the conservation groups spawned then was the National Wildlife Federation, the official history of which is "Guardian of the Wild" by Thomas B.
hosted by the National Wildlife Federation and its state affiliate, PennFuture, will discuss the results of a nationwide poll of 800 hunters and anglers conducted by Chesapeake Beach Consulting.
By 2100, many will be gone, according to a study commissioned by the National Wildlife Federation.
Pollack is a National Wildlife Federation Habitat Steward.
The seminars are sponsored by the Arkansas Wildlife Federation, National Wildlife Federation and Arkansas Game & Fish Commission.

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