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What does it mean when you dream about a Native American?

Native Americans have been romanticized to the point where they symbolize certain ideals, from attunement with the natural world to stoicism in the face of the inevitable to spiritual wisdom. Alternatively, they can represent our “savage” desires. Any of these meanings might be expressed by dreams of native tribal people.

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Since ancient times Native Americans have relied upon a diverse and vibrant oral tradition, which has often been categorized as Native American oral literature.
Porter introduces readers to the fundamentals in the conversation of Native American environmentalism in the first half of the book.
We write this article in hope that the issues raised will help mental health workers continue to provide more effective counseling services for Native American people.
Swisher (1991) points out that many people do not recognize that Native American children are unique and differ greatly from each other, even within one community.
Only gradually did some Christians come to respect Native American spirituality.
In that state, one clerk rewrote history by simply categorizing people as black, white or mulatto, Griffith says, and "you will find that a great many of those listed as mulattoes were Native American.
Powwow Calendar, published yearly by Native Voices, can be found in the Native American section of most book stores and is an excellent guide for those who wish to attend Native American events and observe these dance styles firsthand.
Data on smoking among Native American teenagers are not as readily available, but some studies have indicated the rate among Native Americans overall is comparable to or higher than that of whites.
There has been a growing literature over the past decade concerning the extent and nature of Native American slavery within the United States.
A statute called the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) has created a legal and cultural imbroglio that has scientists frustrated, art dealers scared, and the general public befuddled.
In 2001, an outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred among persons working at a Native American archeological site at Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah.
Taken together, the combined area of all the Native American reservations in the U.

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