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What does it mean when you dream about a Native American?

Native Americans have been romanticized to the point where they symbolize certain ideals, from attunement with the natural world to stoicism in the face of the inevitable to spiritual wisdom. Alternatively, they can represent our “savage” desires. Any of these meanings might be expressed by dreams of native tribal people.

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Native American students view the world the way they do partly as a result of cultural values and early socialization experiences (Swisher, 1991).
Tensions remain high between many Native Americans and their African kin.
immitis exists at a Native American archeological site in northeastern Utah.
Native Americans in Alaska do not live on reservations.
The prevention messages that work for the general population don't necessarily work among Native Americans, especially gay ones.
If camps use Native American history/culture as a theme, they really need to think about what they are doing and how they are doing it.
She lives in Pilsen, a predominantly Mexican neighborhood on the near Southwest Side that gained Native American residents during the 1990s.
Meanwhile, Native American reservations remain for the most part outposts of the most depraved poverty in the industrialized world.
Burnett made the motion after 24 Native Americans stood before the board Jan.
government did everything in its power to break down and destroy "Indianness" including the Native American religion.
Turning to the experience of Native American religions in their particular valuation of land as sacred, he characterizes a stance of continuous conflict between this third religious minority and the Constitutional order as fundamentally distinct from the patterns of congruence and conversion exemplified by the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons, respectively.
In advertising, Chief Crazy Horse appears on cans of malt liquor, a "redman" lends his heritage to packs of chewing tobacco, and a native American princess sells cartons of butter.

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