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Thunderhorse's teachings are a mishmash of Native American religion and other New Age favorites, such as Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, and Ancient Druidism(6) Mary Elizabeth Marlow writes about Beautiful Painted Arrow, a Picuris Pueblo-Ute who tells Marlow he has seen two kachinas landing in a space machine and explains his philosophy through allusions to Dances with Wolves.(7) Doug Boyd has written on two Native American medicine men, Rolling Thunder and Mad Bear, both affiliated with the New Age.(8) Taisha Abelar is a former anthropologist who encountered a Mexican sorceress while wandering through the mountains of Tucson in the 1960s.
Once used in Native American medicine as treatment for snakebite and other wounds, echinacea was adopted by European settlers.
It was favoured by the Eclectics, a group of North American settler physicians that embraced the herbal medicine practiced by the Native American medicine men.

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