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(formerly) a Muslim ruling prince or powerful landowner in India



the title given the vicegerent of a province under the Mogul Empire in India in the 17th century. As the empire began to disintegrate in the first half of the 18th century, the nawabs of many provinces, including Bengal, Arcot, and Oudh, gained de facto independence.

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Let's not give these nattering nabobs of negativity, militarism and greed another minute of credibility.
The supposedly arrogant, heedless, nattering nabobs of negativism are engaged in a searching review of their practices, if not their consciences.
Why not just shoot those nattering nabobs instead, and circumvent the legal system altogether?
So I say to the nattering nabobs of negativity: Don't worry, be happy.
But before that grim assessment is dismissed as more of the same from the nattering nabobs of negativism, check out the institute's best-case scenario: The Bush Doctrine, which virtually guaranteed the creation of a full-fledged democracy in Iraq friendly to the West, is hopelessly naive.
No nattering nabobs of negativism are welcome, at least not on camera.