Natural Bridge

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Natural Bridge,

small village, Rockbridge co., W Va., in the Shenandoah valley; founded 1774. Nearby is the famous Natural Bridge over the gorge of Cedar Creek. It is a limestone arch 215 ft (66 m) high with a span of 90 ft (27 m) and was once owned by Thomas Jefferson, who built a cabin there for visitors and kept a guest book. A public highway now crosses the bridge.

natural bridge

[′nach·rəl ′brij]
An archlike rock formation spanning a ravine or valley and formed by erosion. Also known as natural arch.
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But soon the fore part of him slowly rose from the water; for an instant his whole marbleized body formed a high arch, like Virginia's Natural Bridge, and warningly waving his bannered flukes in the air, the grand god revealed himself, sounded, and went out of sight.
When passing over these natural bridges, one's course was often arrested by sinking knee deep into the rotten wood; at other times, when attempting to lean against a firm tree, one was startled by finding a mass of decayed matter ready to fall at the slightest touch.
VCLF has conserved over 30,000 acres of land, including Virginia's Natural Bridge.
Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park in Basey is so-called because of a huge arch-shaped rock that connects two mountain ridges that span the Sohoton River.
She provides a natural bridge between residents, helps develop friendships and encourages people to become more involved in the community.
GLOW WORM CAVE AND NATURAL BRIDGE This stunning natural bridge has been created by the sheer force of the waterfall that rushes above the basalt cave - and it makes for a view unlike any other.
Louis County Library's Weber Road and Natural Bridge branches, as well as additional partners will offer the afterschool meal program.
The rate is $5 more per night at these parks: Barren River, Cumberland Falls, Kentucky Dam Village, Lake Barkley, Lake Cumberland and Natural Bridge.
Excursions and programs in 2016 included a tour through the Natural Bridge Caverns near San Antonio, Texas, and an underground guided trip to study caverns at the Edwards Aquifer.
Celli Group, Turkey--a natural bridge between east and west--represents a market with great potential, and is a location where it already counts many active customers.
In fact, 5 or 10 years down the road, Pakistan is destined to emerge as a regional economic hub because we are the natural bridge between West Asia, Central Asia and South Asia.
The Indian PM praised Egypt for its moderate Islam, being "a natural bridge that connects Asia with Africa," and championing "the cause of developing countries.