Natural Dyes

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Dyes, Natural


substances formed by living organisms or contained in minerals. They are used in the textile, food-processing, and perfume industries as well as in rug manufacturing. The best-known dyes of animal origin are carmine, a red dye obtained from the bodies of female cochineal insects; Tyrian purple, a reddish violet dye contained in the adrectal glands of marine gastropod mollusks of the family Muricidae; and sepia, a grayish brown pigment obtained from the secretions of the ink sac of marine cephalopod mollusks of the genus Sepia (cuttlefish).

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Yarn and natural dyes: The yarn and natural dyes decide the look and feel of the carpet, depending on the material used in the weaving process.
We identified and trained a weaver to use the loom and then used natural dyes.
Her research has resulted in an accumulation of historical data about natural dyes and how geography and climate affect the hues plants impart.
What remains of interest is how the use of natural dyes was developed across continents and oceans, in societies as diverse as the Mayan Indians, the nomadic Yoruks of Turkey, the ikat weavers of Central Asia, the carpet-weavers of Persia and the traditional dyeing communities of southern India and the Gangetic delta.
The Wachusett Spinners will be on hand to teach the art of spinning wool into yarn as well as dying fibers with natural dyes.
Their "Bubbles Felt Rug" used wool supplied by Trefriw Mill, Llanrwst, which was coloured by Bodfari felter Helen Melvin using natural dyes.
I bought the book Natural Dyes, Fast Or Fugitive by Gill Dalby to help me on my way.
The colours are taken from the old clan areas of Scotland and natural dyes in autumn colours.
It's concerned with energy efficiency and the use of natural materials, such as non-toxic paints and natural dyes," she explains.
Many fruits, vegetables and flowers make great natural dyes for foods as well as fabrics.
The rugs have a modern patchwork appearance with either striped or solid panels in rich colors from natural dyes.
Richard Constanduros, 59, has won European cash to help develop natural dyes from plants.

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