Natural Landmarks

Landmarks, Natural


(pamiatniki prirody), individual natural objects that are preserved, or warrant preservation, because of their scientific, educational, historical, or cultural and aesthetic significance. Examples of natural landmarks include waterfalls, caves, picturesque cliffs, volcanic or meteorite craters, unique geological outcrops, noteworthy boulders, and rare or historically significant trees. In the USSR the Kungur Pe-shchera, the Kapova Cave, and the Kivach Waterfall are widely known. The majority of natural landmarks are protected under a system of sanctuaries; especially important natural objects are protected in preserves. Sometimes protected territories of considerable size, such as forests and parts of valleys, coasts, or mountain ridges, are called natural landmarks.

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highlighted the civilised and natural landmarks in the Sultanate.
As such, this platform is invaluable as it helps all members-countries gain important insights and analysis to develop national strategies for sustainable tourism as well as preserve their natural landmarks and environment.
The advisory board - which was created by Congress in 1935 during Franklin Roosevelt's administration - has long played a key role in such areas as designating historic and natural landmarks, oversight of national parks, education, conservation and, more recently, climate change.
In the near future, RTA will embark on the construction of Hatta Gate Project, which will add a touch of beauty to the entrance to Hatta, which features several tourists, historical and natural landmarks.
We took the chance to escape from the city to explore some of the region's natural landmarks.
The Mleiha Fossil Rock Lodge project is located close to the Fossil Rock, one of the natural landmarks in Sharjah's Mleiha area .
Agile1500 works with multiple navigation systems that use both natural landmarks (walls, objects, etc.
With full access to information on things to do and see in Duqm, investors and travelers will be using Duqm 1 to discover detailed info such as maps, government entities, locals' favourite restaurants, shops, as well as hotels, tour operators and natural landmarks.
As well as natural landmarks and formations to photograph, there are the man-made structures to consider as subjects or background compositional elements.
She said: "I am delighted to confirm funding of more than half a million pounds that will improve accessibility to our unique, inspiring natural landmarks.
Fourteen brief chapters with sidebars, color photos, and appropriate but witty artistic illustrations, cover areas of interest including, pre-Columbian history, independent states, climates, wildlife, natural landmarks, man-made landmarks, settlements, industries, sports, culture, food and drink, and more information on the countries of North America.

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