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(US), flavor
Physics a property of quarks that enables them to be differentiated into six types: up, down, strange, charm, bottom (or beauty), and top (or truth)


Any of the six different varieties of quarks. All hadronic matter is composed of quarks, the most elementary constituents of matter. The six different flavors are labeled u, d, s, c, b, and t, corresponding to up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top. Quarks are all spin-1/2 fermions. The u, c, and t flavors carry a positive electric charge equal in magnitude to two-thirds that of the electron; the d, s, and b flavors have a negative charge one-third that of the electron. Different flavored quarks have vastly different masses ranging from the lightest, the u quark, with a mass around 5 MeV/c2 (where c is the speed of light), equal to the mass of about 10 electrons, to the top quark, with a mass 35,000 times greater, or 175 GeV/c2, about the mass of a gold atom. Quarks of any flavor are further characterized by three additional quantum numbers called color: red, green, and blue. Each quark has an antiquark counterpart carrying the corresponding anticolor. See Antimatter, Color (quantum mechanics), Elementary particle, Quarks


(food engineering)
The set of characteristics of a food that causes a simultaneous reaction or sensation of taste on the tongue and odor in the olfactory center in the nose.
(particle physics)
A label used to distinguish different types of leptons (the electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, and possibly others) and different color triplets of quarks (the up, down, strange, and charmed quarks, and possibly others).


US spelling of "flavour".
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The FDA says natural flavors have to be derived from ingredients like fruit, meat or spices, and obtained through processes like distillation or fermentation.
The 'artificial flavors' (as 'natural flavors' are not listed) in the Pie are listed as coming from "plant sources." Minute Maid[R] Orange Juice and Minute Maid[R] Apple Juice appear free of animal ingredients.
First 15 ingredients: Turkey, chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, potato, duck, herring meal, chicken fat, natural flavors, eggs, apples, tomatoes, potassium chloride, carrots, vitamins ...
(www.mastcrtaste.com), Teterboro, N.J., a division of the Kerry Group, offers a unique MSG replacer called Natural Flavor Enhancer 681607, which provides the savory umami note of MSG.
All of the Schokinag European Drinking Chocolates are produced with tiny bits of real chocolate and natural flavors. Consumers add milk (or soy or rice milk) instead of water.
Contrary to the simpler infusion method of home-made genepy, the commercial product is made by artisans and distilled to extract the natural flavors of the plant.
Companies had been labeling flavored malt drinks with packaging that contained wording such as "Flavored malt beverage made with natural flavors containing vodka," the ATF said.
Stolichnaya Citrona (right) is said to offer "a blend of citrus and other natural flavors containing Stolichnaya vodka" and Sauza Diablo features "natural flavors containing tequila and margarita-inspired citrus flavors." Morgan Stanley analysts project growth of 108% for the malt cooler category in 2002.
Other trends include innovative new package types, which are helping marketers to target different products to specific niche audiences, and the use of natural flavors. In one survey quoted in the FIND/SVP report, a full 52% of processors said they would use more natural flavors in 1995, 39% said they would use the same amount, and only 1% said they would use fewer natural flavors.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 29, 2019-: Natural Flavors Software Market to See Huge Growth by 2025 | Givaudan, Firmenich, IFF, Symrise, Takasago, WILD Flavors
Based upon type, functional flavor market can be segmented into natural flavors and synthetic flavors.
These beverages are free from carbs and preservatives, and feature natural flavors, B vitamins, essential electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium and sea salt.