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see portport,
a natural or artificial harbor and its terminal facilities for the transfer of goods and passengers to or from waterborne means of transport. Port cities are located on oceans, lakes, rivers, and canals in places where access to the hinterland provides a large volume of
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What does it mean when you dream about a harbor?

A ship anchored at harbor can symbolize the feeling that something or someone is “all washed up”, as well respite from a hard siege. Ships also represent a place of security to hide or to regroup.


Any body of water of sufficient depth for ships to enter and find shelter from storms or other natural phenomena. Also known as port.


(US), harbor
a sheltered port
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Peter started his journey in Cape Town, a natural harbour and home of the white Afrikaners - Dutch in origin - who had settled there in the 17th century.
HRPDC, which is situated on a natural harbour, home to military installations and a nuclear power facility and subject to hurricanes, required a secure, integrated communications ecosystem.
Set around a large natural harbour on the south-east coast of Turkey, where the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas meet, Marmaris's sweeping bay is home to a long stretch of sandy beach, well served by seafood restaurants, cafes and bars.
Reputedly the largest natural harbour in Europe, the quayside and old town is steeped in history and is being transformed into a place to be for food and drink.
Perhaps in this landscape group belongs the gazebo for Helsinki Zoo by Ville Hara on Korkeasaari island in the spectacular natural harbour of the Finnish capital (p42): here, an abstracted sculpture in which you can climb to see the splendid views of city, islands, sea and sky becomes itself an important part of the marvellous seascape.
Sur has been chosen for the plant as it has a natural harbour for terminal and loading facilities.
Built on the seventh largest natural harbour in the world, Kingston rapidly became the commercial centre of the island and was made the capital in 1872.
The photos, which show the Paddy's Hole natural harbour, a view across Coatham marshes of the Redcar blast furnace and a fisherman at the iconic South Gare huts, were deliberately chosen to reflect the area's rugged beauty.
Travelodge has just dropped anchor at Lifeboat Quay in Poole, right in the centre of the Dorset town and overlooking the world's second largest natural harbour (after Sydney).
Cruise highlights u Dublin is the world's friendliest capital u Faroes' capital Torshavn u Seydisfjordur's natural harbour u Enjoy the delights of Reykjavik u Take a dip in the Blue Lagoon u Discover West Iceland Call 0330 160 7726 QUOTE LPE Prices above are per person for the lowest available cabin type.
We were lucky enough to have a private boat tour of that magnifi-cent natural harbour with all its bays and creeks and inlets.
That's so long as Maureen (Stephanie Beacham, second left) can get him there on time HARBOUR LIVES ITV 8pm (Not Wales, STV; UTV, 10.40pm) LAST ONE Ben hooks his last locals to tell their stories about living at Britain's largest natural harbour. These include Rosie, who runs a jet-ski patrol.