Natural Magic

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Natural Magic

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Natural magic is that which utilizes natural objects such as herbs, oils, stones, or amulets. It is not the type of magic that depends upon the conjuring of entities or calls for the use of elaborate tools and ceremony. Hedge Witchcraft, folk magic, and healing use natural magic. Also called "low magic"—as opposed to the "high magic" of ceremonial magicians—it is frequently performed instinctively by country dwellers, pagans, and solitary Witches.

The spells and charms of cunning men and women, together with the folk cures and magic of the Pennsylvania Pow-wows, Ozark yarb doctors, grannywomen, power doctors, and doodlebuggers, are all good examples of natural magic.


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For "Natural Magic," however, Charlesworth was not only behind the camera; she was in front of it, performing a series of magic tricks for the lens.
The authors consider Cavendish's concepts of God and Nature, her use of a variety of genres to explore issues of faith and science, and her examination of a variety of spiritual traditions including Christianity, natural magic, Judaism, and the Jewish Cabbala.
He uses self-organization as a kind of "natural magic." The spontaneous assembly of molecules interacting with selection creates the biosphere.
A little confidence could see you doing something with your natural magic.
Changing hands are products in the Goo Gone, Magic, Stone Care International and Natural Magic lines.
However, here is where we have Ball's novelty: empirical science and its societies grew out of a transmutation of the interest in "natural magic" and a transformation of secret societies.
Clipping through unspoiled marshland at 30mph with not a roller coaster or freeway in sight, we spotted bald eagles overhead and got glimpses of white-tailed deer, the occasional alligator, and even a very lost cow during half an hour of natural magic.
I seek to show how the unresolved dilemmas posed by the deaths of Marsyas and Empedocles resonated in Arnold's later thought, affecting key Arnoldian concepts such as "Hellenism" and "natural magic."
The trip includes a visit to the newly built Fontana geothermal spa with hot spring bathing, dinner, and a chance to enjoy the natural magic of the Northern Lights.
The entry on magic, for example, includes a general definition and overview, followed by separate sections on natural magic, astrology and alchemy, and occult magic.
RSPB staff and volunteers welcome visitors to come and breathe in the autumnal air and experience a little natural magic.
He was involved in alchemy and the exploration of "natural magic." His involvement in this quasi-experimental practice made him suspicious in the eyes of the medical establishment.