Natural Magic

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Natural Magic

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Natural magic is that which utilizes natural objects such as herbs, oils, stones, or amulets. It is not the type of magic that depends upon the conjuring of entities or calls for the use of elaborate tools and ceremony. Hedge Witchcraft, folk magic, and healing use natural magic. Also called "low magic"—as opposed to the "high magic" of ceremonial magicians—it is frequently performed instinctively by country dwellers, pagans, and solitary Witches.

The spells and charms of cunning men and women, together with the folk cures and magic of the Pennsylvania Pow-wows, Ozark yarb doctors, grannywomen, power doctors, and doodlebuggers, are all good examples of natural magic.


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A final example is John Shanahan's "Natural Magic in The Convent of Pleasure" which considers Cavendish's ideas about natural magic and the creative potential of Nature and her assertion that a feminine and creative Nature should force thinkers to recognize the innovative capacity of women and womanly spaces and discourage them from forming exclusionary scientific spaces outside the home.
Those interested in researching natural magic were obliged to delimit their area of study very precisely in order to keep the domain free for study without worry of persecution by the authorities.
RSPB staff and volunteers welcome visitors to come and breathe in the autumnal air and experience a little natural magic.
According to Bacon, the impending apocalypse would bring about cataclysmic conflicts with the Antichrist, who would use powerful natural magic to crush his Christian opponents.
New Moon rises and all Distant stars appear in natural magic show, To celebrate her timeless wondrous ways That life on earth has night and days.
Soorgulo Sar, that brings forth the natural magic of Samarbagh, Kambat and Mayar.
My current preoccupation to trace degrees of unity in levels of motivation of practitioners of demonic and natural magic abandons the pressure of the proscription of unassuming black arts that persisted within the late antique religious milieu driving Apuleius at length to be tried before the proconsul Claudius Maximus in A.
Criticized by the time of the enlightenment and ridiculed by the 19th century, the ideas and methodologies of natural magic are viewed differently today--as an important stage on the way to a modern scientific worldview.
It didn't happen again on that voyage--we were in a moment in time when boat, animal and conditions were right to create a piece of natural magic.
The natural magic of a big, red train chugging its way through some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world was enough.
NATURAL MAGIC If faking it with lookalike patterns isn't your style, make it real with murals.
The first is Neom, formerly Natural Magic, whose range is produced without the use of chemicals, using 100% natural vegetable wax and essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.