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1. a person who is expert or interested in botany or zoology, esp in the field
2. a person who advocates or practises naturalism, esp in art or literature



one who studies natural history. The Young Naturalists (iunnaty) are schoolchildren who study nature and are concerned with the conservation of useful plants and animals.

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The naturalist listened in silent wonder, neither interrupting her narrative nor suffering a single exclamation of surprise to escape him.
The naturalists value the plant life in the park because of its beauty, its history and for numerous other reasons.
University of Illinois Extension celebrated its Master Naturalists of DuPage, Kane and Kendall counties with an Appreciation Night in November.
In Walking Home Ground, Robert Root treks in the footsteps of those naturalists, creating a successor volume to their observations about the landscapes of "America's Dairyland.
El Premio en Investigation de Conservation George Miksch Sutton de la Southwestern Association of Naturalists reconoce un articulo sobresaliente relacionado a la conservation publicado en The Southwestern Naturalist.
Naturalists think that they are ordinary natural properties: causally efficacious, a posteriori knowable, and usable in the best explanations of natural and social sciences.
Yearly Subscription Rates - The Field Naturalists Club of Victoria Inc
For two decades, the journal has acted as an outlet for scientific and ecological research in Wales and as an invaluable source of information for amateur and professional naturalists alike.
The training encourages California Naturalists to volunteer around the state with natural resource agencies and nonprofit organizations, and participants are encouraged to engage in research, environmental monitoring, restoration work and education and outreach.
How many women work as naturalists in India and Africa, which is also famous for safaris?
Bates Museum to help fund the Young Naturalists As Artists program, a six-week educational program for local children and families that uses scientific and artistic observation to grow lifelong interest in Maine s inland environment.
University of California's California Naturalist Program seeks to create a committed corps of volunteer naturalists and citizen scientists trained and ready to take an active role in natural resource conservation, education, and restoration.