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naturopathic medicine:

see naturopathynaturopathy
or naturopathic medicine,
branch of alternative medicine concerned with holistic and noninvasive methods of treating illness and maintaining health.
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Licensure of Naturopathic Physicians in Iowa is necessary as licensure defines the educational standards and requirements, outlines competence through rigorous national board exams, provides a defined scope of practice and allows for the regulation of the practice of naturopathic medicine.
30) speaks to a very critical need to establish and enforce minimum standards of education and training before one can claim to be a naturopathic physician.
Echinacea is an herb that's been so commonly used historically that it just kind of rolled into modern herbal therapy without adequate scientific scrutiny," says Donald Brown, a naturopathic physician and industry consultant in Seattle.
Parker received AANP's top honor for a naturopathic physician, "2015 Physician of the Year.
Hoey, a naturopathic physician, has been working in the Wenatchee Valley for 25 years, and had talked to Lambert about eventually expanding the scope of services to provide a more wholistic approach, offering alternative treatments such as herbal medicine, nutritional supplements as well as physical therapy, massage and acupuncture.
Justin Morse, a naturopathic physician, has opened Absolute Health Medical Center at 1755 Coburg Road in Eugene.
Fife, a nutritionist and naturopathic physician, proposes a diet-based and ketone therapy approach to stopping the progression of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases, as well as restoring mental function, improving brain and overall health, and preventing these diseases.
Bharadvaj, a naturopathic physician in private practice and instructor at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (Portland, Oregon), reviews these issues and alternative and integrative remedies including acupuncture and homeopathic medicine.
The very term `nutritional supplements' denotes they are beneficial compounds,'' said Michael Murray, a naturopathic physician at Bastyr University in Seattle and author of ``Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements'' (Prima; $19.
The United States Naturopathic Physician Directory lists more than 150 naturopathic physicians in Oregon.
She also holds a Naturopathic Physician Certificate from the American Naturopathic Certification and Accreditation Board.
The book is written by Natural Health Advisory's Kathleen Jade, a Naturopathic Physician, based on her own clinical experience with patients experiencing fatigue as well as the review of hundreds of scientific clinical studies reporting on various aspects of the condition.