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see Bad NauheimBad Nauheim
, town (1994 pop. 29,405), Hesse, central Germany, in the Taunus Mts. It is a world-famous resort, noted for its salt springs, which are used to treat heart and nerve diseases.
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, Germany.
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Research Funding: Funding from the KAROLA study was received from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (01GD9820/0 and 01ER0814) and the Pitzer Foundation, Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Experiments conducted by the researchers in Bad Nauheim on genetically modified mice show that the Sca1 stem cells in a healthy heart are involved in the ongoing replacement of heart muscle cells.
Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Heart and Lung Research in Bad Nauheim have now discovered that they can prevent the formation of metastases by blocking the receptor protein Plexin B1.
It was pure luck that young Sigrid met Elvis when her father took her to Bad Nauheim, where he was staying.
To pass the time and because to do otherwise would be "unconstitutional," Thuermer later told The Washington Post, he and two other prisoners formed the Bad Nauheim Wurlitzer Cup Series, a four-team baseball league.
The sold real estate consists of eight blocks of flats located in Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Bad Nauheim and Frankfurt am Main.
They have met at a table in the dining room of a spa in Nauheim, Germany.
Hamm, a cardiologist at the Kerckoff Heart Center in Bad Nauheim, Germany.
Munier arrived for his initial "briefing at USHCG headquarters in Bad Nauheim, near Frankfurt, with "high hopes of finding a post-Hitler church on fire for the [social action and Catholic worker] cause.
The second centrifugation step was performed at 27,000 x g for 40 min at 4[degrees]C (Sorvall RC-5B Refrigerated Superspeed Centrifuge, DuPont Instruments, Bad Nauheim, Germany).
I am excited to enroll the first patient into this innovative new registry," said Professor Christian Hamm, Principal Investigator, Kerckhoff Heart Center, Bad Nauheim, Germany.