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(noum`bo͝orkh) or

Naumburg an der Saale

(än dər zä`lə), city (1994 pop. 29,846), Saxony-Anhalt, E central Germany, on the Saale River. Manufactures of this industrial city include machine tools, processed food, textiles, and toys. Founded in the 11th cent., Naumburg developed as a trade center and joined the Hanseatic League. It passed to Saxony in 1564 and to Prussia in 1815. The city has retained parts of its medieval walls; a 16th-century city hall; and a beautiful cathedral (13th–14th cent.), with some of the finest sculptures of the German Gothic period.
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a city in the German Democratic Republic on the Saale River, in the Halle district. Transportation junction; population, 37,300(1972). Manufactures include machine tools, textiles, confectioneries, wood products, leather, and chemicals.

Naumburg has preserved its medieval appearance. In the center of the Old City is the Romanesque and Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul (first half of the 13th century). The cathedral is famous for its west choir, an example of the synthesis of High Gothic architecture and sculpture, with expressive lifelike statues of the cathedral’s founders and with reliefs depicting the passion of Christ (1250–60). Naumburg is also the site of the late Gothic churches of St. Wenceslaus (15th and 16th centuries) and St. Moritz (16th century), a town hall (16th century), and dwellings from the 16th to 18th centuries.


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