Nautical Almanac

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Nautical Almanac:

see ephemerisephemeris
(pl., ephemerides), table listing the position of one or more celestial bodies for each day of the year. The French publication Connaissance de Temps is the oldest of the national astronomical ephemerides, founded in 1679.
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nautical almanac

[′nȯd·ə·kəl ′ȯl·mə‚nak]
A book published annually by the governments of the principal maritime nations which contains the astronomical data required for navigation by observations of celestial objects; an abridged version is known as the abridged nautical almanac.
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3) American Nautical Almanac, published annually by the U.
Alan Fiala, staff astronomer in the Nautical Almanac Office at the US Naval Observatory in Washington, DC, has taken an Ultricon camera all over the world to video tape solar eclipses.
Kenneth Seidelmann worked in the Nautical Almanac and Orbital Mechanics Departments of the U.