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It is a death poem, an incantation, a force not unlike a Navajo Night Chant (a tradition from our hemisphere), and a prayer exploring life beyond life and death.
Gold Are My Flowers: "They sing from earth and sky," "In the name of our Lord," "In first light," "The Naming Aria," "You can smell the flowers," "2 January, 1493," "This blessed gold," "They have the softest and gentlest voices," "Buffalo/ O Lord, praised be Thy Name," "Navajo NIght Chant." A Civil War Song Cycle: "The Portent," "The March into Virginia," "Vigil Strange," "The Housetop," "By the Biouvac's Fitful Flame," "Beat!
What was moving to me is a last prayer of a Navajo Night Chant: May it be beautiful before me; May it be beautiful behind me," May it be beautiful below me," May it be beautiful above me; May it be beautiful all around me," In beauty it is finished," In beauty it is finished.--J.J.H.

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