navigational aid

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navigational aid

[‚nav·ə′gā·shən·əl ′ād]
An instrument, device, chart, method, or such, intended to assist in the navigation of a craft; this expression should not be confused with “aid to navigation,” which refers only to devices external to a craft.
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navigational aid (NAVAID/Navaid)

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Any visual or electronic device, airborne or located on a surface, that allows the pilot to fix his position and other-wise guides him or her in navigating the aircraft in flight, while landing or in taking off. A NAVAID may be pilot interpreted or ground interpreted. On charts, NAVAID information boxes contain the NAVAID name, identifier, frequency, and Morse code. They are depicted on the charts as indicated in the illustration.
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This is made possible through the installation, full calibration, testing and operationalization of several ground-based navigational equipment, such as distance measuring equipment (DME), localizer antenna, ground-based radio navigational aid, and instrument landing system (ILS).
It served as a navigational aid to shipping with its light visible for more than 10 miles up until 1914 when its function was replaced by more modern navigational aids.
Salalah: The ground tests of navigational aid devices of aircraft automatic landing systems on the runway of the new airport project in Salalah ended successfully on Sunday.
Salalah, Feb 23 (ONA) The ground tests of navigational aid devices of aircraft automatic landing systems on the runway of the new airport project in Salalah ended successfully today.
" As most private aircraft have limited on- board meteorological and other avionic navigational aid and operate in visual flight rule, they are more likely accidentprone compared to bigger aircraft during bad weather," Jenamani pointed out.
Which navigational aid consists of a disc rotating around an axis parallel to the earth's rotation?
The airfield maintenance team immediately responded to multiple navigational aid system outages, restoring instrument flight rules landing systems for aircraft arriving and departing from Sather.
What actually happened was that the Germans introduced a new navigational aid to make their night bombing more accurate.
Specific topics include: a pseudo real-time system for visualization of 3D scenes, modeling and visualization of moving objects on a digital map, a comparison of efficient decimation algorithms for polygonal models, and an indoor navigational aid system for the visually impaired.
Minto helped his daughter, Gill, win the northern-area lady riders' title six times in the 1970s and early '80s, skilfully training such good horses as Tarquann, Cool Thrust, Foolish Hero, Navigational Aid and Dom Mancini.
The contract, which appoints ABB the main electrical and instrumentation vendor for the project, covers the supply of electrification, telecommunications, instrumentation, fire and gas, safety and navigational aid systems.
The aim of the following investigation into learning with hypertext was thus to test how domain-specific prior knowledge and self-concept of computer-related ability interact with access to a navigational aid in predicting learning achievement and perceived disorientation.

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