Navy Island

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Navy Island,

in the Niagara River, just above Niagara Falls, S Ont., Canada. It is famous as the scene of the last stand made by William Lyon Mackenzie and some of his fellow rebels in the Upper Canadian Rebellion of 1837.
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She acted as bearer of secret despatches for the self-styled Patriots on Navy Island, during the Canadian Insurrection: sometimes dressing as a girl, and carrying them in her stays; sometimes attiring herself as a boy, and secreting them in the lining of her hat.
This project involves upgrading and consolidating the Rodney and Navy Island terminals to allow the Port to accommodate larger vessels.
Ensign John Duruin, Philippine Navy Bicol deputy spokesperson, said two PCG boats, two Navy boats, a Navy Island aircraft, and an Air Force helicopter were dispatched for the search and rescue operation.
Navy Island Plywood's implementation of robotic automation has neutralized costly rework, lessened worker compensation claims, improved employee retention and created more production capacity.
John Wayne took over and developed Taborcillo Island in Panama; and, just around the corner, Errol Flynn claimed Navy Island as his own personal paradise.
He discovered Port Antonio, fell in love with the area and bought Navy Island as a home.
The Port Authority formally took possession of Navy Island, vowing to use the 64-acre property as a catalyst for the transformation of Portland into a major tourist resort, reports The Jamaica Observer (April 29, 2002):
13, Canadian rebels, who had been operating from Navy Island against Canada, surrendered to the U.
In alphabetical order by company, the winners are: Biesse, Dubois Equipment, ETemplate System, Holz-Her, Navy Island Plywood, Stiles Machinery/Climate Technologies and Weinig Group.
Navy Island Plywood Inc's wood veneer grading standards;
Our management programs at both SCI and SNI have prevented the need for federal listing of island fox (Urocyon littoralis) subspecies on Navy islands and has also supported a request for delisting of the island night lizard (Xantusia riversiana) due to recovery.

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