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(formerly) a Muslim ruling prince or powerful landowner in India



the title given the vicegerent of a province under the Mogul Empire in India in the 17th century. As the empire began to disintegrate in the first half of the 18th century, the nawabs of many provinces, including Bengal, Arcot, and Oudh, gained de facto independence.

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Safdar's parents, who have also been invited for the function, cannot bear the overwhelming love and respect shown for Safiya by all and sundry, especially the Nawwabs in the neighbourhood.
Nawwab shares her moving poems that embody a voice that recalls that Islam emphasizes not only Divine Justice but also Divine Mercy.
Musician Sami Yusuf described Nawwab as a talented writer and poet "who is not afraid to speak her mind and address issues that, quite frankly, are often ignored as a result of timidity.
1 million tonnes respectively, said Nawwab, adding that export of these products will depend on seasonal demand within the kingdom.
Saudi Arabia heavily subsidises fuel, however, Nawwab said that Satorp would still sell its products to Aramco at international prices, Aramco would then bear the costs of re-selling to the domestic market at discounted rates.
The return from SATORP on the local economy will not be limited to meeting increasing demand, but also creating jobs for Saudis directly and indirectly, and making products that may result in spurring new industries in the future, Nawwab explained.
Shah Jahan Begum was also deeply influenced by the Ahl-i Hadith movement and its members acquired great influence at court, to such an extent that the British, afraid of a movement that they considered 'seditious', in 1885 deposed Siddiq Hasan Khan and deprived him of the previously conferred title of nawwab.
He passed away leaving behind a highly creative output spanning many genres of writing," said poet Nimah Nawwab.
Nimah Nawwab | Arab News <p>DAMMAM: Missing families, sunken homes, and shattered lives all drifting in the flotsam of Jeddah's muddied deluge has compelled the city's youth to deal with the evolving calamity.
Fawwaz Nawwab, president and CEO of the Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company (SAMREF), shared the company's experience in introducing corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their work environment.
The session was co-hosted by Saudi poet Nimah Nawwab and Daniel Smith from the British side.
Taking a break from the forum proceedings, Nimah Nawwab, a Saudi poet who was conducting the proceedings of the forum, called the house to observe a one-minute silence for the children of terror-stricken Gaza.