Nazi UFOs

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Nazi UFOs

German scientists made contact with an alien species as early as the 1920s and were constructing flying disks and conducting space missions by 1942.

Numerous UFO researchers have made a connection between alien beings and such German secret societies as the Thule, the Vril, and the Black Sun. In his controversial seminar “UFO Secrets of the Third Reich,” Vladimir Terziski tells of an “alien tutor race” that secretly began cooperating with certain German scientists in the late 1920s, introducing them to advanced philosophical, cultural, and technological concepts. With help from extraterrestrial intelligences, Terziski postulates, the Nazis mastered antigravity flight, established space stations, accomplished time travel, and developed warp-speed spacecraft so that they might construct moon bases. At the same time the aliens “spread their Mephistophelean ideas” into the wider German population through the Thule and Vril societies.

Antigravity research began in Germany in the 1920s with the first hybrid antigravity circular craft, the R-FZ-1, constructed by the secret Vril Society. In 1942–43 a series of antigravity machines culminated in the 350-foot-long, cigar-shaped Andromeda space station, which was constructed in old zeppelin hangars near Berlin by E4, the research-and-development arm of the SS.

Terziski is not alone in making such claims regarding extraterrestrials and Nazi cooperation. Although some researchers scoff at them as pure fantasy, others are convinced that there is a Nazi–alien connection and another massive cover-up by the international shadow governments. Skeptics wonder how Germany could have lost the war if they had amassed such superior alien technology.

We do know that shortly before the Third Reich collapsed in 1945, Wernher von Braun, Hermann Oberth, and about eighty other top scientists were smuggled out of Nazi Germany by the Allies, who also captured various documents, files, plans, photographs, and designs. However, one specific file, containing discoid-shaped aircraft, and at the same time, 130 crack Nazi designers of specialized aircraft are said to have disappeared.

The UFO researcher Jammie A. Romee has stated that the mysterious disappearance of that vital file, together with over a hundred technologists, must be added to the list of oddities that took place shortly before and after the fall of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich. Among these oddities various researchers cite the following:

  • the unexplained disappearance of several German freight U-boats, each capable of transporting up to 850 metric tons;
  • the disappearance from Tempelhof Air Base of several long-distance planes with flight plans to Spain and South America;
  • the disappearance of several tens of millions of marks in hard currency, gold bullion, and precious stones from the Reichsbank;
  • the fact that UFOs were, and continue to be, sighted in great numbers over areas of South America in which many Nazis (and members of secret societies) are known to be hidden.

The fascination of German science with rockets began in 1923 with Hermann Oberth’s book By Rocket to Interplanetary Space. Numerous other books by other experimenters advanced the cause of spacecraft development in Germany in the mid-1920s. In 1927 the Society for Space Travel was organized, with Wernher von Braun and Willy Ley among its members. The society produced the world’s first rocket-powered automobile, the Opel-Rak 1, with Fritz von Opel in 1928. Further experiments were made with railway cars, rocket sleds, crude vertical-takeoff-and-landing aircraft, and some successful launches from the rocket airfield near Berlin. When Hitler seized power in Germany in 1933, the Nazi Party took over all rocket and aircraft development, and all astronautical societies were nationalized.

In 1938 Hitler’s aide Martin Bormann ordered the careful mapping of all mountain passes, caves, bridges, and highways and began selecting sites for underground factories, munitions dumps, and food caches. Giant underground workshops and launching pads, known as “U-plants,” were established in which top German scientists would be assigned the task of creating secret weapons. A slave-labor force of 250,000 was required to complete work on such fortresses. Networks of tunnels and assembly plants were fashioned in Austria, Bavaria, and northern Italy.

Allied intelligence learned of work on Project Feuerball (Fireball) at the Luftwaffe experimental center near Oberammergau, Bavaria, to create an aerial device that would confuse Allied radar and interrupt electromagnetic currents. Efforts were accelerated to perfect the craft in 1944, but work appears to have shifted to the development of the Kugelblitz (Round Lightning), a circular aircraft quite unlike any previous flying object in terrestrial aviation history.

In May 1945, after the Nazi surrender, British agents searching the files of some underground factories in the Black Forest located a number of documents describing important experiments relating to new turbine engines capable of developing extraordinary power. Rumors abound that Canadian intelligence took plans for an advanced circular aircraft from Peenemünde, site of the main Nazi rocket-experimental complex from 1937 to 1945, and presented them as a challenge to the scientists at the De Havilland Aircraft Company. According to other rumors, the engineers at De Havilland actually made the “flying saucer” fly—briefly, but they never mastered the propulsion techniques required to keep the craft in the air for very long at a time.

Currently, the question continues to be hotly debated: Did the Nazi scientists manage to keep their flying saucer in the air for a very long time—long enough to establish bases on the moon?

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