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a city (a village until 1967) and center of Nazran’ Raion, Chechen-Ingush ASSR. Railroad station on the Rostovon-Don-Baku line, 91 km west of the city of Groznyi. Nazran’ has a plant that manufactures power tools, a flour-milling plant, and a knitwear factory. The Nazran’ Sovkhoz Technicum is located nearby, in the village of Krepost’.

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Militants offered resistance, when they were found on the outskirts of the village of Ekazhevo, Nazran district.
The inimitable Govinder Nazran was one such artist and we are delighted to share his incredible sketches following the recent discovery.
Militancy in Ingushetia went public in 2004 when insurgents assaulted government forces and officials in Nazran, the republic's largest city.
More than 100 were injured when an explosives-laden truck rammed through the gates of the Nazran city police headquarters in Ingushetia province.
The attacker on Monday rammed the truck through the gates of the Nazran city police headquarters, in Ingushetia province, and detonated about 200 kilograms of explosives as police officers were lining up in the internal courtyard for a morning check, said Svetlana Gorbakova of the federal investigative office.
The attacker's truck rammed the gates of the Nazran city police headquarters, in Ingushetia province, and exploded as police officers were lining up for a morning check.
Artist Govinder Nazran died in December 2008 aged just 44.
WORKS by Govinder Nazran, who died of a sudden illness in December at the age of 44, can be seen at the Castle Galleries on The Parade, Leamington.
115) The Chechen urban centers of Grozny and Nazran became the primary suppliers of high-quality motor fuel and refined oil to the whole USSR in addition to producing a variety of heavy machinery and manufactured goods such as knitwear, footwear, and clothing.
In Nazran, Oleg Orlov, the head of Memorial, Russia's leading human rights organization, was kidnapped and beaten, along with three television journalists, apparently by law enforcement agents of some kind.
Petersburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, and Nazran this weekend,'' Bush said.
The local authorities say up to 250 fighters raided arms depots and occupied the republic's interior ministry, border posts and other buildings concentrated in the largest city of Nazran.