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Germany: see NeandertalNeandertal
or Neanderthal
, small valley, W Germany, E of Düsseldorf. In 1856 remains of Neanderthal man were discovered there.
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Scientists from MIT and the University of La Laguna in Spain identified human fecal remains from El Salt, a known site of Neanderthal occupation in southern Spain that dates back 50,000 years.
But ground-breaking research by an expert from the University of New England shows that our 'misunderstood cousins,' the Neanderthals, may well have spoken in languages not dissimilar to the ones we use today.
While this means that the period most closely associated with Neanderthal replacement has therefore not been captured, much remains to be learned from Morin's study.
Many of the genes that help determine most people's skin and hair are more Neanderthal than not, according to two new studies that look at the DNA fossils hidden in the modern human genome.
The Neanderthals Rediscovered: How Modern Science is Rewriting Their Story is an in-depth assessment of the history of prehistoric research on the Neanderthal, long seen as humanity's stupid cousin.
While they had Neanderthal features, they shared an ancestor with the Denisovans.
Cro-Magnon clans of the north are encountering the Neanderthal clans of the south.
FAMILIES are being invited to go Neanderthal to mark a scientific first on Tyneside 150 years ago.
Ever since the first Neanderthal skeleton was discovered nearly 200 years ago, scientists have scratched their heads over the anomaly.
The finding may explain why present-day Europeans have more Neanderthal DNA in their genetic make-up than Africans.
NEANDERTHAL cuisine was far more sophisticated than previously thought, experts have learned.
I READ reports that scientists have reconstructed the DNA of Neanderthal man.