Near Islands

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Near Islands:

see Aleutian IslandsAleutian Islands
, chain of rugged, volcanic islands curving c.1,200 mi (1,900 km) west from the tip of the Alaska Peninsula and approaching Russia's Komandorski Islands.
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Near Islands


the most western group in the Aleutian Islands. The islands are mountainous (highest point, 953 meters) and uninhabited except for the largest island, Attu. The Near Islands were the first of the Aleutian Island groups discovered in 1745 by the Russian industrialist M. Nevodchikov.

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In the Aleutians only one sampled stream had sympatric anadromous and resident freshwater threespine stickleback populations, whereas five lakes, the majority of which were in the Near Islands, had such sympatric species pairs (Appendix 1).
Attu Island, Alaska (173[degrees]11'E, 52[degrees]50' N) is in the Near Island group of the Aleutians.
The Service's wildlife biologists use the Tiglax as a base from which to survey and examine live sea otters around the Near Islands and another island group in the central Aleutians.
Distances to the nearest larger landmass varied from 1.0 to 2.6 km for small, far islands, and from 0.1 to 0.5 km for small, near islands. Of the three medium islands, Corral was closest to the mainland (0.2 km), while the other two, Lomo and Panorama, were 2.2 and 1.9 km, respectively, from the mainland, but closer to an intervening large island with an area of [approximately equal to]150 ha.
The USS Lassen sailed near Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratlys archipelago, near islands that were submerged at high tide before China began massive dredging to turn them into islands in 2014.
Matthew and Nunivak islands and in the Aleutians from the Rat Islands south to off Washington State (Pietsch 1993), the record cited here extends the range of Triglops macellus 272 km west in the Aleutian Islands to the Near Islands.
Beijing: Japan scrambled fighter jets Thursday to head off a number of Chinese military planes near islands at the centre of a territorial dispute, Japanese media said.
The incident occurred in the East China Sea, near islands claimed by both countries.
The Aleutians comprise four main groups: Fox Islands, nearest to the mainland, including Unalaska, Unimak, Umnak and Akutan; Andreanof Islands, including Amlia, Atka, Adak, Kanaga and Tanaga; Rat Islands, including Amchitka and Kiska; and Near Islands, the smallest and westernmost group, including Agattu and Attu.
The demonstrators also protested a recent collision of Taiwanese and Japanese ships in waters near islands in the East China Sea claimed by China, Japan and Taiwan.
bomber planes flew near islands builtAaAeAeA by ( China in the South China Sea, despite the warnings of the Chinese.
TOKYO -- Japan scrambled fighter jets Saturday to head off a Chinese state-owned plane that flew near islands at the center of a dispute between Tokyo and Beijing, a Japanese Defense Ministry spokesman said.