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The angle of pull provided by a neck strap over the girth of the edematous abdomen helps to align the scrotum into its anterior anatomical position while providing support to counteract gravity.
Internal fire service documents seen by the Chronicle reveal the fire caused damage to the neck straps on firefighters' breathing masks that did not meet required standards.
I have mentioned that she can be led by her neck strap, but that is not completely true.
F) To make the neck strap I cut a long strip of leather to make sure that all 32 inches of beadwork will fit and about 1 1/2 inches wide for easy beading.
I should have taken that neck strap off earlier in the day, and it would not have had a chance to ruin my night.
Under a load, the neck strap pulled tight and choked the horse, which cut its ability to pull by about 80 percent.
Extremely durable and comfortable for both men and women, The 12 Can Ammo Belt has a 16-inch-wide neck strap and an adjustable waistband spanning 28 to 42 inches in circumference.
Comes with battery, magnetic carrying case and neck strap.
0's come with a soft case, neck strap, protective lens covers, soft microfiber cleaning cloth, and Oculus's Lifetime Warranty.
Features include adjustable neck strap and reflector, three bright LED's that light up two pages for reading, four standard 120-hour batteries, and a clip-on red night vision filter that minimizes night blindness when switching from light to dark.
5" PureColor LCD II with 2mm protective shield Combats blur with IS and Motion Detection Technology People shots made easy with Face Detection Technology, Face Select & Track and Blink Detection - plus FaceSelf-Timer and Auto Red-Eye Correction technologies Optional accessory system includes Shoulder & Neck Strap Set and Carabiner Strap plus Front Cover Set Range of shooting modes and Special Scene modes 30fps VGA movies 2009 Al Bawaba (www.
The frame features Thermogrip temple tips and nose pads and comes with a floating neck strap.