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What does it mean when you dream about strangling?

A dream about strangling someone or being strangled may indicate that the dreamer is denying a vital aspect of his or her expression, and thus satisfaction, in life.

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He concluded that the "improper assessment and treatment ordered by the nurses, to wit, the nebulizer treatment, contributed to the delay in making the proper assessment and correct diagnosis." Thus, the expert opined, the failure to alert the patient's physician to the possibility of internal neck compression was a substantial contributing factor to the patient's death.
A postmortem found that Hennessy died of a neck compression, although acute alcohol consumption was a contributory factor.
She died of asphyxia due to external neck compression (the hyoid bone was broken).
Accordingly, the court recognized that the baby was subjected to cord and neck compression which could likely cause a lack of oxygen to the brain.
All you need is neck compression so the expander ball can go to work, ensuring just the right inside diameter for proper bullet seating.
They concluded the cause of death was due to neck compression from hanging, with suspected chemical poisoning.
An autopsy was conducted Friday stating the cause of death was asphyxiation due to external neck compression. The manner of death was ruled accidental.
"The external injuries are suspicious of neck compression, but I can't take it further based on the information available to me.
A post mortem found Mrs Gravener died of "mechanical asphyxia", due to neck compression.