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musical instrument invented in the 1840s by Adolphe Sax. Although it uses the single reed of the clarinet family, it has a conical tube and is made of metal. By 1846 there was a double family of 14 saxophones, seven in F and C for orchestral use and seven in E flat and B flat for bands. The latter are by far most common today, the alto, tenor, and baritone being used most frequently. The saxophone has a powerful tone, between woodwind and brass in quality and blending well with both. Valuable to bands and occasionally used in the orchestra, it is now best known for its extensive use in dance and jazz music. It has a small serious solo literature. All saxophones except those in C are transposing instrumentstransposing instrument,
a musical instrument whose part in a score is written at a different pitch than that actually sounded. Such an instrument is usually referred to by the keynote of its natural scale—the clarinet in A, for example—in which case A is sounded when
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a wind instrument, invented by A. Sax. It is made of brass in the shape of a parabolic tube and has a beak-shaped mouthpiece with a single reed. The saxophone family normally numbers seven members, ranging from the sopranino to the contrabass. One of the basic instruments of the jazz ensemble, it is also used in brass bands, as well as in music-hall and symphony orchestras. The saxophone is also played as a solo instrument.


Vertex-fed linear array antenna giving a cosecant-squared radiation pattern.


a keyed wind instrument of mellow tone colour, used mainly in jazz and dance music. It is made in various sizes, has a conical bore, and a single reed
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If I have to crawl, I use the neckstrap in conjunction with a retractable tether on my belt that attaches to one of the eyelets on the Nikon case.
More prayers were muttered in realisation that Mike de Kock's noisy treadmill was not in use as we made our way past the back of Abington Place towards the feared Neckstrap Corner, the spookiest place of all the Heath's thousands of acres where the ghosts of great racehorses past play havoc with today's incumbents.
All three models come with a case, neckstrap, cleaning cloth, and desiccant.
Recipients will enjoy convenient features never before offered such as a resealable cap and opener for bottles and a comfy neoprene neckstrap and jacket that provides hands-free convenience.
Standard accessories in both camera kits include a battery pack and charger, software, manuals, interface cables, neckstrap and Canon U.
5Kg), ergonomically configured P-500 with its slim body and compact size (50 x 95 x 190 mm), looks equally "@home" on coffee tables, desks or hanging from the neckstrap (included).
All three kits include the camera body as well as the BP-511A lithium-ion battery pack, Battery Charger CG-580, USB Cable IFC-400PCU, Video Cable VC-100, a wide neckstrap, 3 software CDs, printed instruction manuals, and a 1-year Canon U.
I may lengthen my stirrups a few more holes, I may keep a finger permanently in the neckstrap, and it is highly possible I may find my first grey hair.
The PowerShot G6 digital camera kit includes a USB cable, AVC-DC300 AV Cable, Battery Charger CG-580, rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Pack BP-511A, 32 MB Compact Flash card, a Wireless Controller WL-DC100 and Digital Camera Solution CD, ArcSoft Camera Suite CD, neckstrap and lens cap.
He seems to just perch on them and hang very tight to the neckstrap.
The camera comes with a Coach Edition Metal Neckstrap so the camera is readily accessible at all times.
The reins, kept together by the Irish martingale (or 'rings') were still round Mandarin's neck, and they, together with the thick neckstrap of the breast girth, were Winter's only hand-hold.