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What does it mean when you dream about a necktie?

A loose-fitting necktie around one’s neck can be a symbol of “tying up” loose ends in one’s business world. If however, the necktie is drawn too tightly, then a condition of entrapment may be causing the dreamer some anxiety. (See also Knot, Noose.)

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Neckties are still mandatory in many formal settings, even today.
The lower end of the necktie is decorated with beaded loop suspensions.
As a result, the current policy of wearing coats and putting on neckties will be kept, a committee executive said.
Al Pacino, who presented an honorary Oscar to Sidney Lumet, wore a two-button Giorgio Armani tuxedo with satin peak lapels and a classic spread collar evening shirt with a black satin necktie.
So Lord Necktie - real nameStan Seymour - decided to record the song in the striker's honour on his latest album.
Four years later, a foreman's necktie again became the despised target of three Flint Fisher Body workers.
This woman ritualistically took one geometrically patterned necktie after another from behind her back and draped it over her head as Robert Goulet sang "Memories.
Meanwhile, a group of necktie producers has decided to start a study into the sharp rise in imports of neckties from China with an eye to asking the ministry as early as June for an emergency import curb.
Attendees of a home schooling convention in Sacramento were so offended by a seven-foot tall, naked bronze statue of the Greek god Poseidon that they dressed him in an entire outfit, including a necktie.
Why not get that special hunter a necktie that he will enjoy wearing for any occasion?
One solution to the necktie hazard is to require that ties be detachable, says Duke Pollick, safety director at PVC profile maker Veka Corp.
Tom set up his speciality necktie firm after being made redundant.