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For ancient Egyptians thus named, use Necho.
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Following the tour at NeCo Seeds, the group toured Kurzweils' Farms and Kurzweils' Country Meats.
Founded in 1894, NECO provides a four-year, post-baccalaureate professional curriculum to about 475 students.
Pharaoh Neco was on his way north to join forces with the Assyrians in an attempt to wrest power from the Babylonians, and Josiah wanted to stop him.
According to the New York Post, Fugazy charged last spring that Kazeminy had failed to hold election meetings to select new officers and has taken NECO into the red financially.
We hope that the whole concept becomes self sufficient within the next five years," said Patricia Aspin-Lecour, executive director of NECO, "to be able to support (Galan's) position full-time on an on-going basis without the need for outside funding.
He joins Neco as R&D Chef and Director of Production.
Neco Can, former chief information officer at clothing retailer J.
NECO serves as an umbrella for over 250 organizations that celebrate, educate and nurture ethnic pride, heritage, culture, tradition and commerce.
In the summer of 2002, Lilley & Gillie acquired the assets of the established marine instrument-maker Thomas Walker & Son Limited of Birmingham incorporating the Walker Marine, Chernikeeff and Neco brand names.
The Chronicler turns the African Pharaoh Neco into a prophet.
A spokesman for Northumbria Police said the boys were believed to have run from a field into the road and the path of the truck, an NECO recovery vehicle which was heading North along Seaham Road.
Your August article, "Reclaiming Colfax," left out a necessary component of Denver's main Street revival: reintegrating residents of NeCo (Near Colfax) with their surrounding neighborhoods.