Nectanebo I

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Nectanebo I:

see NekhtnebfNekhtnebf
or Nekhtnebef
, Gr. Nectanebo I, d. 361 B.C., king of ancient Egypt (379–361 B.C.), founder of the XXX dynasty. By the gallant defense of the fortresses of the Nile delta and then of Memphis, he saved his country from the Persian invasion of
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Wall-reliefs of Nectanebo II (left) and of Nectanebo I (right) 30th Dynasty in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo in 2005, originally from Sebennytos -- Neithsabes via Wikimedia Commons Wooden benches and a marble board that reads "This is the bowl in which Virgin Mary kneaded her dough" were placed in the church's main yard.
The author covers the situation in Egypt at the beginning of the century in question; the liberation of Egypt from the Persians by Amyrtaeus; the XXIX dynasty and the rule of Nepherites I, Akoris and Psammuthes, and Nepherites II; the XXX dynasty and the rule of Nectanebo I and Tachos, as well as Nectanebo II; the second Persian rule of Egypt, and a wide variety of other related subjects.
The chapel was built by King Nectanebo I, a king in the 30th dynasty that ruled from 380 to 340 BC between two invasions of ancient Egypt.
Egypt Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities at the Avenue of the Sphinxes found 12 new sphinx statues from the reign of Nectanebo I (380-362 BC).