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You'll need: large sheets of paper, a pencil, a light-colored fabric marker, a black permanent felt-tip marker, a cloth tape measure, a ruler, a carpenters square, a compass, lightweight work gloves or a thimble, needle-nose pliers, a small quilter's needle, black all-purpose thread, scissors, a utility knife, 1/2 yard of black felt, and small and medium binder clips.
That's often where the needle-nose pliers and tweezers come in handy.
These needle-nose pliers are extremely durable and can make home bow fixes a breeze.
4 Bring along a pair of needle-nose pliers, hemostat or all-purpose tool with pliers to remove prickly pear cactus and sand burs from dog's feet and legs.
Step 1--Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, the wire is threaded through the eye of the lure and bent back on itself.
Remove the cotter pin in the slotted castle nut on the axle with needle-nose pliers.
Included in this stash are things such as a knife, a bone saw, a compass, matches, first aid supplies, needle-nose pliers, plastic bags, needle and thread, Power Bars, glasses, pen and tablet, and a paperback book.
Also included in the main tool are the usual suspects: Needle-nose pliers, knife and saw blades, wire cutters/ strippers, cord and webbing cutter, and a carabiner that also serves as a bottle cap opener.
Equipment is simple--some bait (I prefer night crawlers and leeches), a lantern, spincast rod and reel, the "bullhead rig" (a weight at the end of the line and an extra "drop line" with a hook and worm attached above the weight), a needle-nose pliers, and you are ready to go.
A forceps or needle-nose pliers is used to place cases into the rotating fixture as the properly directed flame heats the case neck and shoulder.
We live in an era where you can buy almost anything you can imagine cars, video games, computer software, and needle-nose pliers specifically made for fishermen, to name just a few items.