Negro Regiments

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Negro Regiments


special military formations in the Northern Army during the Civil War in the USA (1861–65).

The first Negro regiments were created in May 1862. By the war’s end, there were 177 Negro regiments with approximately 190,000 men. Negro soldiers were recruited, for the most part, in the slaveholding states. The Negro soldiers fought in battles and manifested great courage and self-sacrifice. During the war more than 39,000 Negro soldiers were killed.


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Many Negro regiments sprang to life out of the Emancipation Proclamation.
By July 30, Negro regiments had been federalized and President Lincoln and the government, with the urging of Frederick Douglass, were officially committed to their use (The Chronological History of the Negro in America, pp.
The South responded with an act that empowered President Jefferson Davis to have captured commanders (all white) of Negro regiments executed or punished at the discretion of a military tribunal.