Nell Gwyn

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Nell Gwyn
Eleanor Gwyn
BirthplaceSt Martin in the Fields, London, England
Actress, prostitute

Gwyn or Gwynn, Nell

(Eleanor Gwyn), 1650–87, English actress. Once an orange-seller at the Theatre Royal, she became a member of Killigrew's company, making her debut there in 1665. Her charm and vivacity in comic roles endeared her to the public, as did her witty renditions of prologues and epilogues. She became the mistress of Charles II (1669) and bore him two sons, one of whom was created the duke of St. Albans. Her portrait was painted by Sir John Lely; she is the subject of several plays including Sweet Nell of Old Drury, by Paul Kester.
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Bruce Raymond, racing manager to Jaber Abdullah, owner of Show Rainbow "She ran very well in the Nell Gwynn and should make a bold showing.
The play's story is chiefly his: "We are not always what we do," Kynaston says to Nell Gwynn as he begins at last to recognize himself.
They have not hesitated to display Nell Gwynn in the full-length nude by Peter Lely; Waterlow is shown with his umbrella; Yehudi Menuhin is seen reopening the house in 1978; transformations of the house are shown by a Repton-style overlay transparency; plans and drawings clarify the many changes.
The former Bond girl recently starred as Nell Gwynn on the West End stage.
1650: Nell Gwynn, orange seller who became a |comedy actress and then mistress of Charles II, was born in London.
The Great Frost Fair was held on the ice and Samuel Pepys skated with King Charles II's mistress, Nell Gwynn.
RADIO star Chris Evans has bought an historic mansion that was once the home of Nell Gwynn, notorious 17th century mistress of King Charles II.
WORST BIT: Newcomer Zoe Tapper - out of her depth as Nell Gwynn.
Ford is played by Nell Gwynn, who last season appeared as Regan in "King Lear.
It was here the warrant for the arrest of Charles 1 in 1648 was issued and Nell Gwynn reputedly stayed at Burford House.
I love theatre, I will always be in the theatre," said Arterton, who has had two Olivier nominations - in 2015 for Made in Dagenham and in 2016 for Nell Gwynn.