Nell Gwyn

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Nell Gwyn
Eleanor Gwyn
BirthplaceSt Martin in the Fields, London, England
Actress, prostitute

Gwyn or Gwynn, Nell

(Eleanor Gwyn), 1650–87, English actress. Once an orange-seller at the Theatre Royal, she became a member of Killigrew's company, making her debut there in 1665. Her charm and vivacity in comic roles endeared her to the public, as did her witty renditions of prologues and epilogues. She became the mistress of Charles II (1669) and bore him two sons, one of whom was created the duke of St. Albans. Her portrait was painted by Sir John Lely; she is the subject of several plays including Sweet Nell of Old Drury, by Paul Kester.
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There are many stories of royal mistresses but none more endearing than that of Nell Gwynne, who is reported to have visited Charles II in Windsor Castle.
The filly is closely related to three winners out of a mare who is half-sister to Nell Gwynne Stakes winner Thrilling Day.
The list is long stretching back from Camilla Parker Bowles to Piers Gaveston (Edward II's chum), the Earl of Leicester who captured Elizabeth I's heart, Robert Carr who delighted James I and, of course, among a dozen others, Nell Gwynne, the Orange Girl, who took up with Charles II.
THE Earl of Burford, who is descended from the bastard offspring of Charles II and Nell Gwynne, will probably earn a footnote in the history books for his outraged protest at the abolition of his privilege.
They followed them back to Britain and bugged the couple's rented pounds 350- a-week flat in Nell Gwynne House off swanky Sloane Square in Chelsea.
She first came to prominence playing Nell Gwynne in Richard Eyre's award-winning film Stage Beauty in 2004 and has since notched up a steady string of acting credits.
Some say his last words to his brother James were: "Don't let poor Nellie starve," -a reference to his favourite mistress Nell Gwynne.
Most houses of this age claim to have had royalty stay here, but one of the former owners, Sydney Beauclerk, was actually the grandson of Nell Gwynne and Charles II.
Anniversaries: 1650: Birth of actress Nell Gwynne, mistress of Charles II; 1882: Birth of Irish novelist James Joyce; 1914: The first Cub Scouts pack was formed in Sussex; 1917: Bread rationing introduced in Britain; 1918: Death of last bare-knuckle boxing champion John L Sullivan; 1943: Remainder of German army surrendered to the Russians at Stalingrad; 1970: Death of philosopher Bertrand Russell; 1972: Dublin mob burned down the British Embassy as protest over Londonderry shootings; 1986: Women were allowed to vote for the first time in Lichtenstein.
NELL GWYNNE BORN in1650, Nell was an orange seller with real sex a-peel who became a comic actress and mistress of Charles II.
Some say his last words to brother James were: "Don't let poor Nellie starve," - a reference to his mistress Nell Gwynne.
The Earl of Burford, who is descended from the bastard offspring of Charles II and Nell Gwynne, yesterday made his mark on the House of Lords - without even being a member.