Nelson Algren

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Algren, Nelson

(ôl`grən), 1909–81, American novelist, b. Detroit. He grew up in Chicago, and much of his fiction is set in the slums. His novels, such as Never Come Morning (1942), The Man with the Golden Arm (1949), and A Walk on the Wild Side (1956), are brutally realistic. In a lighter vein are the personal sketches collected in Who Lost an American (1963), Notes from a Sea Diary (1965), and The Last Carousel (1973).

Algren, Nelson (b. Nelson Ahlgren Abraham)

(1909–81) writer; born in Detroit, Mich. He trained as a journalist after a childhood in the Chicago slums. After working at a variety of jobs during the Depression, he settled in Chicago and became a leading exponent of the Chicago school of realism; his five streetwise novels include The Man With the Golden Arm (1949, National Book Award) and A Walk on the Wild Side (1956). After 1956 he wrote mostly stories and essays, producing only one novel (1981). In later years he became known for having had an affair with the French intellectual/writer, Simone de Beauvoir.
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Nelson Algren quoted in Jerre Mangione, The Dream and the Deal, 121.
Chicago mayor Richard Daley said he "was part of a great Chicago literary tradition that stretched from Theodore Dreiser to Richard Wright to Nelson Algren to Mike Royko.
Her revelations are sometimes cruel, sometimes just mean-spirited (see the pages on James Jones, Saul Bellow, Philip Roth, Nelson Algren, and William Gaddis).
All parenthesised references are to this edition, Nelson Algren, The Man with the Golden Arm: 50th Anniversary Critical Edition, ed.
About the author: Julia Glass was awarded a 2000 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship in fiction writing and has won several prizes for her short stories, including three Nelson Algren Awards and the Tobias Wolff Award.
The literary awards include the Nelson Algren Short Story Award, Young Adult Literary Award, Heartland Awards for fiction and non-fiction and Chicago Tribune Literary Award.
The movie is about the legendary feminist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir's love affair with writer Nelson Algren.
Bill and I played softball on the diamond at the corner of Laclede and Compton, an all-in kind of game that featured such free spirits as Martin Quigley and the Hawks' Zelmo Beaty, with Jerry King and Nelson Algren and Washington University sociology professor Irving Louis Horowitz, who was such a voluble and argumentative competitor that Quigley told him one day to please remember he was in a softball game and not a therapy session.
Nelson Algren was a Chicago writer, until he grew sick at heart, sold his belongings at a yard sale (one of our friends bought his radio), and moved to New Jersey.
Weaving the tangible into the mythic, framing his narrative universe between spiritual highs and grotesque lows, Dybek joins James Joyce, Nelson Algren, Charles Wright, Eugenio Montale, and Saul Bellow in using finite space and time as anchors for a poetic, multilayered initiation.
The Chicago Tribune is inviting readers to submit their own suggestions for the Official Book and has itself suggested 'Chicago: City on the Make' by Nelson Algren, which celebrates Chicago's beauty and also explores corruption in the Windy City.
Many other published writers and aspiring ones who later established solid literary careers, including Margaret Walker, Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, Frank Yerby, Ama Bontemps, and Nelson Algren, among others, went on relief to work on the FWP.