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a genus of perennial aquatic herbs of the family Nelumbonaceae (sometimes combined with the family Nymphaeaceae). The large, peltate leaves are on a long petioles and float on or rise high above the water. The flowers are solitary, large, bisexual, and on long peduncles. The fruit is a conical multiple nut (the nutlets are submerged in the receptacle). There are two species, distributed in the temperate zones of both hemispheres and in the tropics. The Indian lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), which has pink flowers, is found in northeastern Australia, the Malay Archipelago, the Philippine Islands, southern Japan, Sri Lanka, the Indochinese and Hindustan peninsulas, China, and northern Iran. In the USSR it grows in the Far East, Transcaucasia, and the Volga delta. In India and China, the Indian lotus has for a long time been regarded as a sacred plant. The American lotus (N. luted) grows on the Atlantic coast of North and Central America and on the Hawaiian Islands. There are many cultivated varieties. All parts of the Indian lotus and the American lotus contain vitamin C and rubber; the stems and shoots contain the poisonous substance nelumbine. The seeds and rhizomes are used in food and as fodder for domestic animals and fowl. The Egyptian lotus is a plant of the genus Nymphaea.


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For instance, the gatherers of Nelumbo nucifera and Nymphaea pubescens will be encouraged not to dig up the whole plant to collect the swollen base, a procedure which destroys the plant, but instead collect flower stalks and seeds.
Nelumbo nucifera aertn is nymphaeaceous hydrophyte, which epicuticular cell wall with thin wax layer grows thick and keratinization is not occurred.
Alternative candidates for the soma/haoma range from metallurgical compounds/alloys (Kalyanaraman 2004) to a revisiting of the "ephedera" argument (Falk 1989) to past arguments presenting such candidates as Cannabis sativa (Roy 1939), rhubarb (Stein 1931), Nelumbo nucifera (Spess 2000) or even the sun or moon (Hillebrandt 1927).
In addition, we examined if communities associated with the dominant macrophyte, Nelumbo lutea.
Nelumbo is one of the most experienced companies in photovoltaics and solar thermal power within the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
Srinagar, Sep 4(ANI): Growers and sellers of lotus fruits or nelumbo nucifera in Jammu and Kashmir have said that they are pleased with the profits they earned due to the rise in demand of the fruit among locals.
The water lotus plants, Nelumbo lutea, are just awaking from their dormant state and fresh reddish-green plate-like leaves are beginning to emerge.
During the years of high Lake Erie water levels (1970s-1999), the OWC estuary was primarily an open water system with aquatic macrophytes, particularly Nelumbo lutea covering about one-third or less of the surface of the estuary (Whyte 1996, Herdendorfet al.
Floral development of Nelumbo nucifera (Nelumbonaceae).
the American lotus, Nelumbo lutea, is a strikingly beautiful aquatic wildflower found in lakes and ponds throughout the eastern United States.
The lotus, Nelumbo, appears not to be related to water lilies as previously thought.